Die Honda CRF 250 Rally

Due to the change to my long awaited new bike the Honda is now sold..

My new website.. Yamaha Ténéré 700 

PS: Do you know Enduro Agadir 2020? The Enduro Raid or race that has been taking place for 20 years now is legendary. Many places are visited which hardly any tourist have ever seen, it's very well organized and really very pleasant people... Please have a look at the website: www.enduro-agadir.com

If you are interested and sign up, give Jöel the info that you have found the information on my website! Anyone who comes to the race (or raid) from this website will get a beer donated by me while we chat about this website and with like-minded people! (of course only if you tell Joel that you've learned about Agadir through my site and aren't already a customer.) I will be on site for all German and English speaking riders as a translator...